The Mystery of the Cyprus Coconut

I emerge from the path in a grove of orange trees and quickly make my way out to the road. The temperature is much lower in the valley and it reminds me that it is, in fact, October even though the sky is a deeper blue and there is a warm sun hanging over the…

Bombay potatoes

Back with a bang

Running Buffet has been away. We have been busy moving house, decorating and we even managed to get away for a holiday (but more on that in the next post). But now I am back with a bang. Or, rather, a boom. Curries and Devon go together like, well, like two things that you wouldn’t otherwise…

Running Buffet is away

If you follow me on twitter then you will know that my tweets over the last few weeks have been pretty boring and DIY-related. Having just bought a house we have been spending most spare moments trying to get it ready to move into. We failed, but we have moved in anyway, and we will…

Ashburton food festival

Ashburton Food & Drink Festival

A year ago, the Ashburton Food and Drink Festival kick-started my Devon A-Z challenge, giving me over 50 different local food and drink producers almost literally on my doorstop. A year on and the festival was back in town again. A lot has changed in a year: my awareness of the Devon food and drink…


The elephant in the room

We need to talk about the elephant in the room. Or, rather, the elephant in the field. The elephant in the field that’s holding an ice cream. The orange elephant in the field that’s holding an ice cream. That elephant, that’s the one we need to talk about.

Ullacombe menu

U beauty

Over the last 12 months the Devon A-Z challenge has seen me eat and drink my way through almost the whole alphabet: from Ashridge cider through Blueberry Brothers, to Figgy’s and Georgie Porgy Puddings, to PortleBay popcorn and Quercus beer, and I am now only a few letters away from having the full set. Somewhat unsurprisingly…

Seville marmalade

Bitesized: A jam-packed blog post

You asked for it (well, at least one person did) so I am pleased to provide another Running Buffet bitesized blog post about jam. After the recent success with the Blueberry Brothers blueberry and lime jam and their blueberry and chilli jam, I had high hopes for the Devon jam making industry. It turns out…