Convalescing in Cornwall

Daylight seeps into the room around the edge of the curtains and the sound of rain drums softly on the window, letting me know that today is the first day of our holiday. I feel a stiffness in my back as I get up and shower. I pack clothes and eat breakfast. Then, a sharp pain in my back. Eearghh! (Or words to that effect).

It would seem that my body is no respecter of holidays, deciding to spring sudden and inexplicable lower back pain on me on the morning that Mrs RB and I set off for a week in Cornwall. In the early part of the week this reduced to me a shuffling walk, rear end jutting out and back ramrod straight, somewhat like an inverted question mark.

But whilst the running may have been out for the week, that didn’t dampen the holiday spirits, especially as there was always the excitement of the Paralympics to enjoy in between days out. Also, the sun soon came out to join us and stayed out for most of the week. So, in no particular order, here are some of my Cornish highlights:

1. St Ives in the sunshine

If you can survive the swooping, scarily large seagulls then St Ives is always a lovely place. Enjoy an ice cream by the seaside whilst you’re at it.

2. Cycling to Padstow

Put your two wheels on the Camel Trail and follow the edge of the Camel estuary into Padstow where Rick Stein’s fish and chips await you.

3. The cafe on St Michael’s Mount

After a week of extensive research, I can conclusively report that the cafe on St Michael’s Mount serves some of the best coffee and cake in Cornwall. The lemon meringue pie, in particular, was fantastic.

4. St Austell beers

A great brewery. Find a spot with a sea view and sup a pint from their fine selection.

And back in Devon at the end of the week, I had recovered enough to head out on the bike with Mrs Running Buffet at the start of my biggest challenge since restarting my exercise drive at the start of the summer. But more on that next time.