Knees Must

Anyone who follows me on twitter may have picked up on the fact that I have a developed a bit of an iffy left knee over the last couple of weeks. On doctor’s orders I have stopped running whilst the knee recovers and this has given me an excellent opportunity to focus in on the other half of my stated aim, up there at the top of the page.

Whilst I have, perhaps understandably, focussed previous blog posts on my efforts to reinvigorate my exercise regime, it shouldn’t be forgotten that there is another prize awaiting me: the food that fuels my days. Here, in celebration, are a few recent gastronomic highlights, starting with a recipe from the ever-reliable River Cottage.

When faced with a glut of beetroot over the summer, this beet top tart helped to ensure that we used all of the parts of the vegetable (the main bulk ending up in chocolate and beetroot brownies and giving a very satisfying purple marbling through a beetroot tea loaf).

Beet top and ricotta tart (River Cottage Veg Everyday)

This is a great soup recipe given to us by a good friend. It falls into the comfort food category and is a brilliant meal for autumn as the nights draw in and the temperature outside drops. Grab a big bowl of this and settle in for the night.

From simple ingredients…

…comes a fantastic tomato, bacon and lentil soup

The BBC Goodfood cookbook has also provided us with several top dinners this year, including this fish and pilaf dish. The recipe recommends cod, but we have used a variety of different white fish to accompany the carrot pilaf and all have been a great success.

Pilaf cooking in the pot

Lemon fish and carrot pilaf (BBC Goodfood)

Another River Cottage favourite: butternut squash, stuffed with thyme, walnuts and goat’s cheese.

Preparing the other ingredients whilst the squash is in the oven

Stuffed butternut squash (River Cottage Everyday)

And now for something completely different. This is an idea that Mrs Running Buffet saw on a recent TV programme (that I would reference if I knew what it was she was watching): pizza with a houmous topping. I must admit to being a little skeptical but this works surprisingly well, particularly with the cheese and olives. I think the fact that we had demolished most of it before I remembered to grab my camera tells its own story.

Homemade pizza, with a houmous, feta and olive topping

Happy eating!

The good books


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