I’m not as mobile as I thought I was

The Christmas period has been a quiet time for me. Blogging-wise that is; in reality it was noisy and fun, spent with family in various locations around the south of England. My twitter and blogging activity has dropped off massively though, and it was with one eye on this that I picked up my mobile phone one morning.

Still considering the option of joining in with Janathon, I would need to find a way of quickly and easily updating this blog. Could I manage to post a blog entry via my mobile phone?

Now, my phone was chosen on the basis of one major consideration: cost. When confronted with a display stand of different handsets, I went with the cheapest. “£20? Yes please”. Unfortunately, it turns out that this doesn’t translate into a wealth of exciting features. Given the right weather conditions and a following wind, it just about connects to the internet but it is hardly in the same league as an iPhone or the latest Android handsets.

Having connected to WordPress on my phone I managed to log in and to start a new post. Using only a numerical keypad, rather than a qwerty keyboard, just typing the category “getting fit” required the following keystrokes: 4-33-8-8-444-66-4-0-333-444-8. Not speedy, but I was making progress. I set the category, typed a title and started on the main text.

Laboriously entering my thoughts via the numeric keypad, I started to think that I may have cracked this mobile blogging lark. But then, 120 characters in, it all came crashing down around my ears, with my phone refusing to go any further. 120 characters? That’s shorter than a tweet on twitter. How succinct does my phone think I am? Has it not read my previous posts?

So I am concluding this post on a borrowed computer, and not my mobile. My thoughts of using my phone to blog have been thwarted and with it, I may have put the final spanner in the works of Janathon. I’m not completely decided yet, but it’s looking less and less likely.

But if not Janathon, then there will still be plenty to get my teeth into in 2013. I am six chapters into my Christmas present, the Total Immersion book, and in a couple of days I will be able to start putting this all to good use in the pool. Put that together with a desire to get back out running, the resumption of 5-a-side in early January and the need to get back on the bike soon and I will have lots to keep me active next year.

So, for now, it just leaves me to wish all of you a happy new year. Here’s to 2013!


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