2013: Could this be the year to just say “yes”?

It’s a new year. But then, you knew that. The fireworks sort of give it away. That, and the hangovers.

Over Christmas, and as described recently, I have been seriously mulling over the idea of joining in with Janathon. Waking up this morning, the first day of a new year, I thought to myself…

“I wonder what’s for breakfast”

But then I thought…

“Why not just say yes to Janathon? What’s the worst that can happen?”

To start with I know that I can cope with continuous exercise, having successfully completed 2012’s 5×50 challenge. And if I fail at the continuous blogging then at least I will have tried. I’m sure no one will come knocking at my door, demanding that I give back my shiny new Janathon badge (currently also residing proudly over on the right-hand-side of the main page of this blog).


In the spirit of just getting on with things, day 1 of Janathon also seemed like the ideal opportunity to start something that has been on the back burner for most of 2012. Arriving home after a few days away for new year, we finally unwrapped the pilates DVD we bought over the Christmas period last year.

I am already planning to incorporate my swimming training into Janathon, to use it to re-start my jogging and to, once again, increase my exercise levels. So why not also use it to start something new? And pilates is definitely new; Mrs Running Buffet used to take classes, but I have never tried it.

Why pilates?

The simple answer is core strength. I had two hernia repairs a couple of years ago and, despite regaining the fitness, I have significantly weaker core muscles than I once had. Improving my core strength will help with all of my exercise and that has to be worth the hard work.

For hard work it is. Having worked through the 10 minute warm-up and 40 minutes of the workout, I have found that I am not a pilates natural: I am not in tune with my body, I am not supple or flexible and I am not totally sure where my pelvic floor is (but I do, apparently, have one).

But I have a whole month to crack this, alongside all of the other fitness and exercise that I want to do. What better way to start the new year?

I’m glad I said “yes” to Janathon.


3 thoughts on “2013: Could this be the year to just say “yes”?

  1. Good for you and good luck. We do something similar typically in February and we call it the Lazy Man’s Triathlon. You basically have a month to achieve the mileage of a regular Triathlon. I like the concept because it is defiantly doable. Once, you finish, you turn in your record for an opportunity to win a prize. We use Excel because it can auto calculate.

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