To pee or not to pee, that is the question

“Why” you ask, “why is that the question? Surely there is no need for that to be a question.”

According to the incredibly bendy lady on the pilates DVD, your pelvic muscles are the ones you use when you want to stop yourself from going to the toilet. They are also very useful in holding yourself in the correct position when doing pilates (and for holding yourself with the correct posture generally).

Seeing as I have no real idea how to engage these muscles, I have spent the day experimenting. Not all day, I hasten to add. That would take a worrying amount of orange squash and would elicit too many awkward questions from Mrs RB. When the opportunity presented itself, though, I have taken the opportunity to try to find my pelvic muscles, tapping out a strange form of morse code as I engaged and disengaged these hitherto unknown muscles and creating an effect not dissimilar to those lawn sprinklers you used to see (back in the days before we had either a hose pipe ban or a tropical storm during every day of the British summer).

And do you know what? I think it has actually helped. Janathon’s second day saw pilates workout number two and this one hurt a lot more. In a good way. In the way that says, yes, you’re doing it correctly; those are your muscles starting to burn. By engaging my pelvic muscles in the proper way, I think I have started to exercise the rest of my body properly too.

It’s back to the pool tomorrow and the first opportunity to try out my new Total Immersion drills. So until tomorrow…


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    • The more I practice the more I think I’m getting the hang of finding and engaging them. I’m nowhere near good enough yet, but hopefully I’m on the right road…

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