Janathon day 6: sitting, sipping, stretching

A short update today, as there is not a great deal to report. Today’s exercise was a third pilates session and, having spent a great deal of the day sitting down, it was good to stretch out the various parts of my body whilst working on both the core strength and on various different muscle groups around the body.

Part of the reason for the excess sitting today was that Mrs Running Buffet and I met a friend in Devon Coffee, an independent coffee shop in Exeter that has recently made it onto the Independent’s Top 50 Coffee Shops list. As those of you who have read any of the Year in Beer posts on this blog will know, that challenge is based around another of the Independent’s Top 50 lists, so I was intrigued to see what Devon Cofee had to offer. In short: coffee, with a good selection of cakes. It’s small, the staff were friendly and it’s always good to support local independent shops, so I would encourage you to check out the list to see if there are any recommended coffee shops in your local area to visit.

And that’s about it, I’m afraid. The first full week of work of 2013 starts tomorrow and it will be interesting to see how that affects both the exercise and blogging aspects of Janathon. If it comes to a choice I will be choosing the exercise over the blogging, but I hope to keep on top of both if at all possible.

My success (or failure) will be here (or not) for you all to see.


2 thoughts on “Janathon day 6: sitting, sipping, stretching

  1. Living 30 mins from Exeter would love to give Devon Coffee, however I don’t drink the stuff, maybeI will just go for CAKE

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