My mental triathlon

The keener eyed amongst you will have spotted that there was no blog post yesterday. But, fear not, for I have not yet broken the rules of Janathon. The rules state:

Run or do some form of exercise every day. Blog about it within 24 hours.

And as I only completed my Monday exercise at about 10:15 last night, then I am still well within the 24 hour deadline. But why was I only finishing at that late hour?

The answer is, unfortunately, that I was hugely, massively and completely disorganised yesterday. At first I considered a swim before work, but I had some early deadlines I needed to hit, so I decided to just get into the office a little earlier instead. Then I thought that I could go for a cycle after work. A little later I decided that perhaps a run would be better.

But at the end of the day, both figuratively and literally, and having completed this “ideas triathlon”, I just ran out of time. Having arrived home later than planned, cooked dinner, eaten dinner and made a few phone calls, I was well and truly lacking any sort of enthusiasm for any of the aforementioned activities.

And so it was that I found myself once again sprawled on the lounge floor in front of the pilates DVD. I find that I’m getting a reasonable amount of benefit out of these exercises (and I am certainly starting to get the hang of them now), but this still felt like a bit of a cheat, having failed to undertake any the far more aerobically-challenging alternatives.

At least this morning I was back in the pool and pressing on with my Total Immersion drills. I’m focussing on keeping long and streamlined in the water, reducing drag and trying to present the smallest possible profile, whilst still remaining balanced. It does really feel like I’m getting the hang of these initial drills and I am looking forward to the next session.

Hopefully this will be tomorrow morning and, if so, I think I might be able to consider Janathon back on track.