Minor milestones

Today we are celebrating small successes.

This morning I was back in the pool, practicing my Total Immersion drills. I was focussing on “skating” drills and, for the first time since I started working on my swimming technique, I understood what it felt like to swim downhill. This may not sound like a big thing but, part way along one of my lengths, everything clicked and I suddenly felt like I was heading downhill.

I was really pleased with this, as it shows the progress I have made since trying my first drills back in November. It is also an important skill to master and should hopefully help to improve my swimming technique.

And to celebrate this minor milestone (and because this blog has been a little lacking in pictures recently) I will leave you with a small picture.

Swimming Downhill



3 thoughts on “Minor milestones

  1. HA! Now you have a stickman swimmer swimming downhill on your blog!!! Love it~ Nice work, by the way. That is a big milestone for you. Now everything else will be that much easier.

    • I must admit that swimming stick men stuck in my mind from your floating drills! Also, I can’t manage drawing anything more complicated on the computer.

      I hope your ankle is getting better.

      • Well, you took them up a notch – I wish mine had full color!

        My ankle feels much better, but it will be awhile before I can do any running. Luckily I can still do other stuff. Thanks for sending nice thoughts my way!

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