Something is better than nothing

My body shakes from calves through to forearms. I suck in another breath, but it doesn’t seem to do much good. I can feel the muscles in my abdomen screaming at me to stop. I finally give in. “What was the time?” I ask Mrs RB.

“58 seconds.”

58 seconds of exercise today then. Less than a minute. If I’m honest, I think that this may be cheating, Janathon-wise. For the first few minutes after I finished it also didn’t feel like much, exercise-wise. Now, about an hour later, I can still feel the ache in my stomach so perhaps it did more than I thought.

Today was my first plank, the how-can-something-that-looks-so-easy-hurt-so-much exercise of choice. It’s also the sort of thing that, if you’re pressed for time or just feeling exceptionally unmotivated, you can knock over in, well, less than a minute.

To check I had the technique correct, I popped “plank exercise” into the You Tube search engine. The video I ended up on seemed to focus a lot of attention on the yoga-toned rear ends of the planking ladies so, whilst it didn’t give me the greatest insight into the correct plank technique, it did give me some explaining to do when Mrs RB peered over my shoulder.

Today real life intruded rudely into my Janathon experiment. For a number of reasons, we are currently trying to relocate from one side of Devon to the other. For exactly the same reasons we are also up against a deadline to make the move a reality and this has meant several post-work house viewings this week, as well as an all-day house viewing session today.

Devon house hunting (courtesy of

Slightly frazzled and feeling like we had gone round in circles all day, we returned home this evening to a wet and miserable Okehampton evening. After debating the pros and cons of several possible houses and having booked more viewings for tomorrow, it finally dawned on me that I hadn’t done any exercise today.

And so: the plank.

Not my most energetic day by a long way, but something nonetheless. I have also discovered that there is a Plank-a-Day challenge requiring a one minute plank every day, with updates posted to twitter. I will log this on twitter as my first plank and perhaps this could be the first plank of many (it sounds as though @PlankPolice will keep me going if I should falter).

One challenge leads to another…


5 thoughts on “Something is better than nothing

  1. 58 seconds for your first plank is quite good. Those last seconds when your entire body is trembling and your gut aches are awful. But it’s a great exercise that will improve your posture and your running.

  2. Planking? I thought that was something the kids got up to and posted to YouTube. Like the sound of that one, will definitely be doing some research. Great post!

    • Thanks Mike. I was also a bit bemused to start off with, but make sure you search “plank” and not “planking” – the two are definitely very different!

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