Under a wintery sun

The sun shone today. It is rare enough at the moment that it is worthy of special mention I feel.

For Mrs Running Buffet and I, it meant that the afternoon we spent shoveling and raking woodchips around was also spent basking in the warm glow of a wintery sun. We are members of a local volunteer group and, whilst our level of attendance really isn’t as good as it should be, we try to join them as much as we can. The group undertake various activities around Exeter and Devon, helping to maintain some of the beautiful gardens and countryside in the county. Today, this meant a day of redistributing woodchips over a recently coppiced area of trees.

Our appearance was restricted to the afternoon only, but this still gave us a pretty extensive workout. Woodchips aren’t particularly heavy, until they get wet and form heavy clumps of mud and chip that need to be coaxed apart again with the business end of a spade. An afternoon of shoveling and raking these clumps exercised several muscles that are now telling me that they would have much preferred not being woken at all today, thank you very much.

Why were we only there for an afternoon? This morning we made another journey around the edge of Dartmoor to view a property that we had found on Gumtree. And, whisper it quietly, we now have somewhere to live. Hooray!

I finished the day with another plank but I was four seconds short of yesterday’s 58 seconds. I blame all of that shoveling.


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