Slip and slide

After my mid-January slump, I returned to Janathon with a pilates session and a return to the pool. I did not venture to the pool last week, much to my dismay, so it was a welcome relief to get back in the water. On top of that, my underswitch drills, which had caused so much gnashing of teeth and dark mutterings the last time I tried them, went a great deal better this time. Practice may not (yet) make perfect, but it seems that it does at least help a bit.

Today was turned on it’s head when we pulled the curtains back to see a fresh blanket of snow outside. Venturing outside, we watched several cars take a rather interesting approach to driving down our road, mostly spent travelling sideways. As both Mrs Running Buffet and I could work from home, we decided against travelling and cranked the heating up instead.

Snow robinTurning my laptop off several hours later, there was still a little daylight in the sky and I decided to head out for a short walk. Crunching through the snow I made my way along the Granite Way, my old running route. In the fields below, the local children made full use of the snow: sledging and skidding in the evening cold.

A snowy Granite Way

A snowy Granite Way

Snowy eveningI finished by climbing up to the bridge above the A30. The roads were much quieter than usual, but they seemed clear of snow at least.

A30Not too energetic a day, but an enjoyable evening walk in the snow nonetheless. And best of all, returning home I found Mrs RB cooking up a delicious wintery dinner from the odds and ends in the cupboards and the fridge.

A brisk walk in the snow and a warming dinner. You can’t get much better than that now, can you?

Wintery dinner




7 thoughts on “Slip and slide

    • The underswitch drill is part of the Total Immersion programme I’m following. At this stage I have built up to a point where I feel balanced in the water, over on one side with an arm stretched out in front, kicking gently. Next I bring the trailing arm up past my face and “switch” (turn) so that I’m on the other side with the other arm now stretched out in front. It sounds strange but it builds from simpler pieces over a few different drills.

      The aim is to start to generate propulsion in the water through the rotation of your body from side to side. I think it builds from here to recovering your arm out of the water (rather than under the water) and then on to a full swimming stroke. That’s a few drills away yet though and I get confused if I read too far ahead!

      I’m working my way through the Total Immersion book, but there are also online resources such as which have more information.

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