Thinking inside the box

The bliss of an empty pool greeted me on Friday morning. Having had to make my way through the massed throngs on Thursday, I relished the open space and put in a longer-than-normal session, working on my Total Immersion drills.

Come Saturday morning, my attention had turned to our upcoming move. Mrs Running Buffet and I will soon be decamping from one side of Dartmoor to the other as we relocate across Devon from Okehampton to Ashburton. Today’s tasks revolved mostly around this imminent move. This afternoon, for example, was spent trying to build cardboard boxes and then fill them with all of our crap the mementos of our life together, whilst simultaneously keeping one eye on the FA Cup match being shown on the telly. And who says that we can’t multitask?

By the end of the afternoon it felt as though I had completed a lengthy weights session already (it turns out that books are pretty heavy, and we do seem to own a lot of them) but I didn’t feel that this was sufficient for Janathon. I was excused by Mrs RB and headed out for a short run along the Granite Way.

The snow had gone, leaving just an occasional chunk of ice by the side of the path. I passed lots of people out for a walk or a cycle ride and it was good to see that people were keen to be out and about after the unpleasant weather of the last week.

It was good to be out there myself.


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