Lifting and stretching

It’s strange what pleases you. The slightly stiff back wasn’t necessarily a great sign, but the aching thighs were definitely pleasing. Very pleasing.

The reason for this pleasure at my pain is not some form of masochistic tendency. Rather, I took it as an endorsement of a good lifting technique. Having spent most of Sunday lifting heavy boxes, there was a worry that I could have woken up this morning and been unable to move. Compared with that, a slight stiffness in my back wasn’t a bad sign. And the fact that my legs were aching as though I had put them through quite a workout meant that they had borne the brunt of the strain.

Health and safety may not have a great reputation, but there is a lot to be said for using the correct lifting technique.

I asked twitter if lifting heavy boxes counted as a suitable Janathon workout. Twitter’s silence on the matter helped me decide that it did. To be totally fair, I didn’t need much persuading.

Monday, by contrast, was a good opportunity to try to undo any damage that had been caused by the weekend of packing: it was another outing for the pilates DVD. The only difficulty? Our floor space is now covered in half-packed belongings, meaning that I had to squeeze myself into any available space, which turned out to be at the foot of the bed. I had to give up when they reached the lying-on your-back-with-your-knees-out-in-one-direction-and-your-arms-outstretched bit as I just didn’t have the room.

And because this blog has not featured nearly as much food as it should have done recently, I would like to leave you with tonight’s dinner, as it is one of my favourites. Simple but exceedingly tasty: trout, curly kale and a boiled egg. Delicious. It makes all the exercise worth it.

Trout and kale


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