Janathon and on and on and…

And so it ends.

Janathon came to a close in the pool this morning; I was once again practicing my Total Immersion drills. Despite several trips to the pool during January, I have yet to actually swim a length. The aim of the TI method is to break down your stroke and then rebuild it from the ground up. As I am still a work in progress, I dare not try an actual length of “proper” swimming just yet, in case I mess up the work done so far.

But Janathon hasn’t just been a month of swimming. It also saw me restart running after a couple of months of not venturing out. I threw in a couple of off-piste exercises (see box lifting and volunteering) and I finally unwrapped the pilates DVD that has been sat by the telly for most of the past year.

It also introduced me to the plank, an exercise that really is so simple and straightforward that it is hard to find an excuse not to do it everyday. But don’t be fooled into thinking that it’s easy. It’s not. I have added barely seven seconds onto my first plank time and, on many days, have fallen short of that first effort. I have been consistently inconsistent.

Which segues nicely into the disappointing elements of Janathon. I knew from the start that I was going to struggle to post a blog entry every day and it took only four days for me to miss that target. I struggled on for several days with the aim of adding a new post daily, but inconsistency was probably the watchword for my Janathon.

For reasons too dreary to go into, I found myself in a bit of a mid-January slump and I have to confess that my exercise and blogging took a severe knock part way through Janathon. There were several days of radio silence and minimal exercise, although I am pleased to say that, if nothing else, I have successfully completed a plank each day from day 12 onwards. It may not be much, but I have done something every day.

Reaching day 22 I reentered the world of blogging with an attempt (possibly ill-judged in retrospect) at a poetic post. It may not have been my finest literary moment.

And so it ends.

Although it doesn’t. Not really. I may not carry on exercising absolutely every day (and I certainly won’t be posting a blog entry every day) but Janathon has kickstarted my 2013. I have picked up two new additions, pilates and the plank, both of which I will continue with. I am now well and truly into my Total Immersion training and I have also rejoined the world of running.

All in all, I feel pretty well set up to push on into February, exercise-wise.

And should you be mourning the end of Janathon and be thinking about what to do next, then don’t forget that the 5×50 Challenge returns soon. I had a great time completing the inaugural 5×50 last year and I would encourage anyone who feels like a new challenge to have a look at the website; it could be just what you’re looking for.


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  1. Good for you on the swimming front, well done on your janathon effort.
    I knew I’d never blog everyday. Failure is so much easier when you plan for it (I doubt if you’ll see that on a motivational poster).

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