Last year I posted this entry about finding new and interesting things to eat for lunch. This included mackerel, which we found to be an excellent addition to our lunchboxes.

Since then, there have been many things said and written about mackerel and it’s sustainable credentials (or lack of them). At this moment in time, I find it hard to identify the right from the wrong in the mud-hurling going on, but I think the one thing to know for sure is that mackerel is no longer going to be an easy choice to make when doing our weekly shop.

Hopefully a clearer picture will emerge over time about the position of mackerel stocks and the sustainability of eating mackerel. For now, here are links to some articles and thoughts from others on the subject. I cannot vouch for the accuracy of these articles, nor should me providing these links be seen as endorsement of their content. Hopefully, though, we can all become a little more informed and be able to make up our own minds.