Heading in the right direction

I bounced out of the pool on Friday, buoyed up after an encouraging swim. Our recent move had led to a short hiatus on the exercise front and, in the case of swimming, a gap of a week and a half between visits to the pool. I was feeling that gap quite keenly and I was eager to get back into the water.

I changed, showered, strode towards the pool and emerged onto poolside… to find the pool full of people. Eh? What was going on? This wasn’t part of the plan.

Squinting at the fuzzy heads bobbing up and down in the water (I’m a bit blind without my glasses on) I found the most likely looking gap between swimmers and entered the water. There was no way that I was going to be able to practice any Total Immersion drills so I settled for a lazy breast stroke, slaloming in between the other swimmers and trying not to get in anyone’s way.

I lasted six lengths. It was too busy.

This was Thursday.

But Friday was much better. I got there a little earlier and found only a couple of people in the water. This allowed me to get on with some more drills; I have a feeling that the much-practiced underswitch drills are finally starting to come together. They are just starting to feel right. And this left me feeling pretty positive as I headed into work on Friday morning. Isn’t it nice when exercise has that impact?

One thing that I did manage to keep up with during the move was my daily plank. I have now completed the first month of plank-a-day and I’m starting to see an upwards trend in my times. I’m afraid to say that I can’t quite celebrate the “-a-day” part of the challenge as I have missed four days since 12 February, however I can definitely recommend the plank-nearly-every-day exercise regime.

Plank-a-day (month 1)

Re-reading the Planking 101 page on the website, I think that I may have a little work to do on my technique (does it look more like the “good form” or the “bad form” picture to you?). Mrs Running Buffet is always happy to give handy hints and tips when she’s around, normally of the “get your rear end down” variety, but she is not always around (or paying attention).

Still, I’m happy that I’m heading in the right direction…