Walking with the wind in our hair

Moving to a new area is always a challenge. For us, part of meeting this challenge was to reconnect with some of the things we enjoy, just in a new location. This can be something as simple as wandering around Ashburton and having a cup of coffee. Or it could be strapping on our boots and heading out onto the moor.

Whether it’s the bleak, open moor in the north or the gentler, more populated areas to the south, being able to stretch your legs on Dartmoor is, in our humble opinion, one of the best things you can do in Devon. And whilst we have moved across the county, we are still living right on the edge of the moor.

Just a different edge. With different views, different paths.

Here are a few photos from the short, but extremely welcome, excursion we had on Sunday afternoon. The sun shone (mainly), the wind blew (ferociously). It felt like home.