Gearing up

I’m not sure that I’m taking running seriously enough.

I realised this when I went to get ready for a run recently and couldn’t find any socks. The sock elves had, once again, hidden all of my sports socks, leaving me cold-footed and confused, scratching my head in bewilderment. In the end, and still unable to locate a single one of the socks that I was trying to find, I dug out a pair of old football socks and wore them.

Football socks are meant to be worn up to the knee (or, during a particularly odd phase of my childhood footballing career, slightly higher than the knee; I wonder now which Premiership star inadvertently kicked off that particular craze when they hitched their socks up over their knees one weekend?). These being old footballing socks, any elastic in them had given up the ghost a long time ago and these sorry-looking socks now bunched listlessly around my ankles. For a moment I thought that they may be giving me a jaunty, piratical air; then I realised that I just looked daft.

Hey there socksy!What is surprising about this un-sock-cessful attempt to dress myself is that I didn’t have a large drawer of running socks to call upon. My default setting when “getting into” something new is to:

  1. Read about it
  2. Think about it
  3. Go out and buy all the accessories to go with it
  4. And then to actually do it

Items 1 and 2 on this list are not necessarily a bad idea; sometimes a little forethought and research can go a long way. Item 3 is the odd one. Why go cycling, when you can spend an afternoon buying kit for your bike? Want to go walking? Better buy several different layers of clothing, a new rucksack, a top-end waterproof, a new…

And so on, and so on. It’s not an obsession and I’m probably over-egging it a bit here, but there is a part of me that equates taking a new pastime seriously with reading copious amounts and properly kitting myself out before I do it.

Which is why, when I found myself sockless and confused, I realised that I may not be taking running as seriously as I thought. Since restarting running last year,the only new running accessory I have bought is a cheap digital watch (that I can’t actually operate). No new shoes, no running clothes, no nifty synced-up pace and heartrate monitor. And no new socks.

What to do? Going to buy some new socks may not be a bad idea. But after that? One of the great things about running is that you don’t really need a lot of gear. Of course, there’s a lot out there for you to buy, should the mood (or the advertising) take you. But it’s mostly about good shoes and a desire to get out there.

Perhaps I should invest in a little of both of those things. That just might be a good way to start showing that I am serious about running.


5 thoughts on “Gearing up

  1. Frank lampard quite often pulls his socks over his knees no idea why! You do need proper socks for running but maybe not over the knee.

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog. Yes you can get away with very little when it comes to running. That is what makes running so good. A pair of shorts is all that you need, everything else is just excess really.

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