WordPress gives the humble blog writer a lot to get their head around. For example, it tracks the number of views that your blog gets on a daily basis and I was interested to notice recently that I had received 63 views on one day: my largest daily reading figures to-date.

This got me thinking about the other statistics that WordPress duly records for me.

For example, it will track the words that readers typed into a search engine before being led to one of my posts. Gratifyingly “wordpress running buffet” is near the top of the list, leading me to believe that those people were, at least, trying to find this blog. Another popular search term is “leftover couscous”. I hope that my suggestions for your leftovers were helpful.

And for the person who ended up here after typing “can you make sandwiches the night before for a buffet?”, I can only apologise. I hope you found an answer (and had an enjoyable buffet).

My favourite though, is “running sheep”. I’m not sure what you were hoping for, but maybe you enjoyed this blog nonetheless?

WordPress also lets me know where my readership are from. Overwhelmingly, the highest volume comes from the UK, as you would perhaps expect, with the United States following in second.

Country stats

What interested me more were the countries at the other end of the scale. Who are the people from Columbia, Panama, Nigeria and Vietnam who stopped by just the once, never to return? Were they trying to find out if they can make sandwiches the day before a buffet? Are buffets big business in Panama?

And how do those people get here? How did you get here?

Twitter seems a popular route, followed closely by the WordPress Reader, the place for us WordPress bloggers to seek out new blogs and catch-up on those blogs we follow. The aforementioned search engines passed a fair number of you in my direction, as did other bloggers. In particular, several of you seem to have found me via Mike’s blog. Thanks Mike!

What else did I find out?

  • October 2012 was the least-popular month for readers – I’m clearly not so interesting in the autumn
  • January 2013 saw a big leap in numbers – I have a feeling that I have Janathon to thank for that
  • Last month (March 2013) saw the highest average readership: 9 views per day

But at the end of the day, what I really found out is that there are several people out there reading this blog. So thank you, it really is appreciated. I sit here and tap away at my laptop, then I hit publish and off it goes out into the big, wide world. Whether you’re waiting with great anticipation for my latest utterings (perhaps unlikely) or have ended up here whilst trying to plan your next Peruvian finger buffet (much more likely) I hope you have enjoyed reading.

And, just in case you’re that person, my top tips for your leftover couscous can be found here.


6 thoughts on “Stat-tastic

  1. I love the world map, its utterly addictive. I just want to collect all the countries (its not a plan for world domination, honestly) 🙂

    • Have you started tailoring your blog posts to target those countries you haven’t collected yet? “It’s never too late for… a trip to Malaysia” etc. Just an idea!

      • Haven’t tried that yet. Although, I already have Malaysia – been on a couple of excellent diving holidays there. 🙂
        I’m short on the African continent generally, so will have to think about what might appeal.
        Good luck with your stats

  2. I love the wordpress stats also and from that can see if my friends in Canada are tuning in so when they say they are I know whether they are lying or not!

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