Peer sneer fear

I have an admission to make. My exercise mojo is missing.

You may have realised this already; it seems others often see you much better than you see yourself. I know exactly why this has happened. The trouble is, knowing why doesn’t seem to be helping me overcome this malaise.

But I have made a decision, today whilst sat in the office wondering why my belt felt a little tight around my midriff. I have decided to recapture my exercise enthusiasm. I have a week off; what better time to get back into the swing of things?

And I will do my best to blog about it here. To be honest, one of the aims of starting this blog was to have an audience out there who I had to live up to. People who, were I to waver from my exercising aims, would know that I had done so. You may not say anything, you may not even care, but you would know. And I would know that you know. And that should spur me on: the fear of what my peers will think when my posts focus solely on the beers I have drunk and there is nothing about swimming or running or walking or the exercise that is meant to be the balancing element to the food and drink we enjoy.

So let’s put the running back into Running Buffet!


3 thoughts on “Peer sneer fear

  1. Nice trainers! They are saying ‘use us use us – pleeeease’ 🙂 I know exactly what you mean about the belt being tight … my loose jeans not so loose anymore 😦

    • You’re absolutely right (I didn’t realise you spoke fluent trainer).

      And their call has been answered; they had a (short) trip outside yesterday, with more to come this week.

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