What I did on my holidays

Today’s blog post may put you in mind of those early September classroom days, with their “what I did on my holidays” vibe. For, try as I might to avoid it, this is most likely going to come across as little more than a list of things Mrs RB and I got up to during our week off. Sorry about that.

Did I mention we had a week off?

It started well, the sun shining as we trundled down to Cornwall for the weekend. As well as enjoying the week, I wanted to use the opportunity to regain some momentum that I had lost from my exercise regime. To be honest, this didn’t really happen that first weekend, with the in-laws more focussed on handing round the Pimm’s and enjoying the sunshine. And it would have been rude to not join in, I figured.

PimmsWe did get to have a walk across the headland to the beach. Where we weren’t the only ones enjoying the view.


Above CharlestownBack home after the weekend the sun disappeared and the rain set in. I took the opportunity to start the plank again, something I hadn’t done since I injured myself part way through my 5×50 attempt. Deciding to start off gently, I did a mere 30 seconds, but this was built back up to 45 seconds by the end of the week (and is now back to 1 minute).

I also headed out for a run. Not a long one, but a run nonetheless. It felt tough, but not too tough and I definitely felt better for having done it. For no better reason than having something to distract me if it became too hard, I took a camera with me. I didn’t stop to take any shots so the results are a little mixed, ranging from the completely incomprehensible to some that are, at least, recognisably something.

Run 1

Run 2

Run 3The others were significantly worse. They may not have looked out of place in the Tate Modern, all swirly colours and liberal reinterpretations of reality.

Of course, we shouldn’t forget the other side of my blog. What does it say up there at the top? Exercising enough so I can eat all the good things in the world. You would struggle to put together a convincing argument about the “exercising enough” part of that sentence, however the eating part is going well.

We found (and ate) the biggest chelsea bun I have ever seen. It was huge. And tasty. Mrs RB says that her hand is there to give the photo scale but I think she was trying to steal it whilst I was distracted.

Chelsea bunAgain, we weren’t the only ones in attendance.

RobinOn a trip to Exeter we had lunch in Yo Sushi. We have been lucky enough to visit a sushi restaurant in Japan and so my expectations were suitably dialed down. Having said that, I was pleasantly surprised. The sushi was good and the conveyor belt added that touch of authenticity. There is something immensely enjoyable about watching your lunch sail by and then grabbing the dishes that catch your eye.

Yo Sushi

SushiWe also managed to dodge the showers long enough to have a windy, invigorating walk on Dartmoor. Some people may say that it isn’t right to plan an entire walk around a cream tea, but then the cream teas at the Powdermills Pottery are really good.

Wild DartmoorCream tea

The most exciting development from our week off, however, came on Wednesday when we made a trip to the Dart Rock climbing wall. We have both tried climbing before (one of the benefits of having a brother who is a climbing instructor) but this was our chance to refresh our memories and to get reacquainted with the sport. It was great fun and, after an hour and a half, we were duly signed off as not-likely-to-plummet-from-a-great-height-onto-other-people and we are now free to return and climb without supervision. I have a feeling that this could be an exciting new aspect to my exercising.

And, overall, I think that the exercise reboot has worked. On Monday, after a long day at work, I still found the enthusiasm to put on my trainers to complete a short circuit around Ashburton.

Small steps, but definitely heading in the right direction.

Running 1Running 2Running 3