Parkrun preparations

Almost a year ago now, I found out about Parkrun. It seemed like a great idea and I duly signed up for my free barcode. Now, several long months later, I might actually take part in my first Parkrun.

Mrs Running Buffet works one weekend in three and the weekends that she works give me the ideal opportunity to get out to one of my local Parkruns for a spot of early morning exercise. But which one shall I try? Ashburton is roughly half way between Exeter and Plymouth, both of which offer a Parkrun on the outskirts of the city. Typing the two addresses into the AA Route Planner, I find that the journey from my house to Killerton (Exeter) will take 44 minutes, whereas my house to Plymvalley (Plymouth) is 37 minutes. There’s not a lot in it, so I am currently undecided as to which is the better option.

I have also recently been playing around with WordPress. It turns out that there are lots of buttons, widgets and gizmos that I don’t really understand and have been neglectful of during my year of blogging. Perhaps now is the time to try one of these unused options.

Ladies and Gentlemen. Roll up, roll up. For your delight and delectation, may I present Running Buffet’s first online poll…

I am now in your hands, dear reader. Be gentle with me.


5 thoughts on “Parkrun preparations

  1. It is just after 9 in the evening on Friday and the results are looking pretty conclusive: Killerton Parkrun it is. It was close in the end, with Killerton just shading it by 1 vote in a nail-biting conclusion, to give a 1-0 final score.

    I have a feeling that polls may not be what the readership of Running Buffet are looking for from the blog. Perhaps I will conduct a quick survey to make sure…

  2. I am a Killerton person (being based in Exmouth) but my friend runs Plym Valley and he loves it. I think Plym Valley might have more hills but from what I’ve seen of both, they are both scenic. Do both! 🙂

    • Thanks Steph. I enjoyed Killerton this morning (even if it was a bit warm!). I think I might take up your suggestion and try Plym Valley next time.

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