It’s a killer Parkrun

Sorry, that should read “it’s the Killer Parkrun”.

Today was my first ever Parkrun. After the dismal failure of handing over the decision-making process to the great and the good (yes, I mean you lot), I made an executive decision and decided to try the Killerton Parkrun (otherwise known as Killer Parkrun). It was certainly a hot morning, with Exeter recording some of the highest temperatures in the country. It reached 29.6C just after lunch and I was very glad that the run began at nine; it was warm enough at that early hour.

Killerton Parkrun 13/07 #1Arriving at the car park I was soon accosted by another runner. “Are you a Parkrunner?” he asked. “I am, I guess, but this is my first time.” “Mine too” he replied. As he started to get ready I heard him being quizzed by another new arrival: “is this where the Parkrun happens? I’ve not been before.” It was the blind leading the blind! Eventually the one-eyed man arrived, we proclaimed him king, then followed him to where the run was due to take place.

Killerton Parkrun 13/07 #2Being a first-timer I had arrived well before the allotted start time. However, even with half an hour to go, there were a lot of people milling around, limbering up and preparing themselves. I had a slow jog up towards the house and back, did a few stretches then felt a bit self-conscious and went and stood under a tree.

Come 9:00 we had been briefed and were lined up behind the starting line. In my case, I was lined up behind the people lined up behind the people lined up behind the starting line. But I was still behind the starting line.

The hooter sounded and we set off. I won’t bore you with a foot-by-foot account of the five kilometres; instead, here are a few key observations from my first ever Parkrun:

  1. Don’t spend too much time looking at the view. Yes, it’s pretty. But you will run into bushes.
  2. The shade is your friend. The sun hates you.
  3. Stopping to check on someone when they fall over is the right thing to do. But you will feel a bit of a mug when they execute a near-perfect sliding roll, pop up onto their feet quick as a flash and burst past you.
  4. Seeing people running back past you on a warm-down whilst you’re still slogging away should be demoralising, but isn’t. Well done to those guys and girls who are that quick.
  5. Ice cream is an acceptable post-run refreshment.

Killerton Parkrun ice creamI am no longer a Parkrun first-timer. I have a Parkrun finish to my name. This is only the start…

Killerton Parkrun 13/07 #3


9 thoughts on “It’s a killer Parkrun

  1. Well done! Sorry – I didn’t realise you’d chosen when I posted my other comment. I have to admit I ducked out of it this morning – far too hot for me! I am hoping that when I come back to run it again (in 3 weeks I think) that it will be a smidge cooler.

    Second time out, you can spend a bit more time looking at the view – I found it a bit easier then. By the third time out, I was able to talk to the cows (because that’s not crazy…). Roll on the fourth outing for me!

  2. Just had a quick check and although I usually do killerton parkrun every week the 13th I did not make it as got tickets for yeovilton air show, will be there tomorrow though! We also chat to the bovines on way round!

    • I completed my second Killerton parkrun today – not as hot thankfully.

      Hope you had a good run. I only saw your comment when I got home, otherwise I would have started accosting random runners to ask if they know me from the internet!

      The cows were fairly uncommunicative unfortunately…

  3. I see you too got a PB, well done. Ifyou can makenext week then All being well three of us bloggers will be there next week with ‘tub’ marshalling. I always wear a black Adidas cap with orange speed stripes on it, feel free accost! I messed the cows this week probably because I was going too fast!

    • Thank you. Well done to both of you on your PB’s. I won’t be back again for a few weeks I’m afraid, but I will look out for you next time I’m there.

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