Something old, something new, something borrowed, something brewed

A few miles away from where we live lies the riverside town of Totnes. There used to be a brewery in Totnes: a thriving brewery with a number of pubs and a celebrated range of beers. The Lion Brewery closed down in 1926 but it hasn’t been completely forgotten. A group of local Totnesians (I checked, this is the correct phrase) have banded together to revive the old brewery, as The New Lion Brewery.

I heard about this new initiative about a month ago. Having spent the last year finding out more about the world of beer and now being a few months into an exploration of Devon food and drink, this immediately grabbed my attention.

The brewery have borrowed the Bay Horse pub in Totnes for the formal launch of the brewery this Saturday, offering a mini beer festival and a chance to try six of their brews. They have brewed three variations of two different beers and are looking for feedback on which people prefer. So if you are interested in being part of the start of a new brewery, helping to shape the direction they take with their beers and, perhaps most importantly, attending a mini beer festival, then you may want to make your way to Totnes this Saturday. If you are in the vicinity, of course.

We are hoping to be there and we will report back on the exciting launch of a new Devon brewery. You can also find some further information below:


2 thoughts on “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something brewed

  1. Thanks for the coverage and introduction to your mission! There’s some fascinating articles on your site, be sure to come and say hi on Saturday. I’ll no doubt be behind our bar!
    MD, New Lion Brewery

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