Why I am not a Janathon-er

That’s an easy title to write, it sets up the post nicely. All I have to do now is to articulately (and succinctly, you all cry with feeling) explain why. Why I am not a Janathon-er.


We have to start somewhere. Let’s start with last year’s attempt.

Last year I tried. I was undecided right up until the last minute, but I took the plunge and pledged myself to Janathon. It started reasonably well, albeit with some seriously dubious excuses for exercise making their way into the list. But then it got hard. Then I failed.


At first it was the blogging. Words tumble from my fingers onto the page with relative ease, but they need a fair degree of wrangling in order to wrestle them into a coherent shape. Janathon requires both exercise and a blog post each day. It was keeping up with the blogging that was to be my downfall. There then followed a mid-January lull in the exercise as well, courtesy of a particularly challenging few weeks at work. I rallied for the end of Janathon, but I knew that I had been half-hearted at best: a blog post a day is just not in me.

We wind forward 12 months and Janathon approaches once more. Blogs, twitter: they all become alive with anticipation for the upcoming challenge. And a part of me is twitchy. I wonder whether I should give it another go. What is there to lose?

Not a great deal, is the answer. Janathon is all about encouraging people to exercise and to share their experiences. That’s a good thing, whether you successfully complete the challenge or not. But I know that I will fail at it. There is no way that I will be able to exercise and blog each day. And that is okay too, I realise. This challenge is not for me.

What I need to find is the challenge that is right for me. In the meantime, I will keep exercising and I will keep posting blog entries. It won’t be every day, but it will be happening nonetheless. After all, I am part way through a bid to eat and drink all sorts of delicious local delicacies and if I don’t keep up with my exercise then I cannot, in all good conscience, enjoy the food and drink. Or I can, but I’ll get fat.

And last year’s Janathon attempt was not without benefit. It kick-started 2013 with a range of new activities and led on to a pretty varied year. Here are a few of my exercise highlights from 2013:

  • Discovering the plank, as part of Janathon
  • Trying pilates for the first time, again as part of Janathon
  • Taking part in the 2013 5×50 Challenge (until laid low by injury, at any rate)
  • Following the Total Immersion training plan to learn a better, more fluid swimming style
  • Finally taking part in my first Parkrun
  • Finally buying some decent running trainers (from the very friendly Iron Bridge Runner)
  • Receiving a training snorkel from the nice people at WaterBloggedTriathlete to celebrate their first book
  • Taking Mrs RB along for her first Parkrun
  • Seeing Mrs RB enthusiastically take up the Couch to 5k training plan, inspired by her Parkrun experience

All in all, it wasn’t a bad year exercise-wise, but I have a feeling that 2014 could be a better one. I guess it’s down to me to make sure it is.

Finally, I need to offer a big congratulations to each and every person who is putting themselves through the challenge of Janathon. If you want to keep track of the Janathon-ers then you can find them at the links below and on various blogs, too numerous to mention, all around the internet:


9 thoughts on “Why I am not a Janathon-er

  1. As I struggled with my contribution to Janathon this morning, I started feeling that the blogging side of things is probably going to be harder for me than I first thought.

    It sounds like you got a lot from Janathon last year though!

    • Not as much as I should, I’m afraid. I’m at a stage now where I feel like most bits of my stroke are just about hanging together, but I need to focus on one bit at a time and get some gradual improvements. I tend to flit from concentrating on one part of my stroke to another within the space of a few lengths.

      I think a good (mini) challenge will be to sort out my training and to make sure I’m working on one thing at a time. I might see some quicker progress that way.

      Breathing can throw me off a little as well, so being able to just focus on my stroke for longer, without needing to pop up for air should help I think.

  2. I have to admit I tried and failed last year and although I have signed up again I can see that already I am struggling, both to be motivated every day to fit in the exercise (dubious excuses have already surfaced) and blogging each day. I may not sign up again, but I am not going to beat myself up about it because if nothing else it has got me to think about what I can or cannot achieve. So as long as I get to move my butt more I have succeeded for myself if not for the challenge itself.

    • Dubious exercises were part of my downfall!

      If you find that it kick-starts your year, even if you’re not doing something everyday, then that is no bad thing. And if it spurs you on to find the thing that does motivate you, then that’s equally as useful.

      I think it’s a great idea and it works for some people, just not everyone. And if my twitter timeline is anything to go by, there are lots of people out there experiencing a mid-January slump in their Janathon activity.

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