We are wassailing, we are wassailing…

You may not realise it, but we are in the middle of wassailing season. Dancing, cider, banging drums and singing. If these things sound like your cup of tea then you might want to get along to your local wassail and help to encourage your local orchard to produce a bountiful crop in 2014. You might even drive away some evil spirits in the process.

I was expecting to spend a few paragraphs explaining more about the wassail and its history, but a quick cast around the internet has unearthed other blogs that have managed this task far more elegantly and engagingly than I could have. I would like to direct you towards Garlic and Sapphire for more information on the story behind the wassail.

For those of you in Devon, there are a couple of wassails that Mrs RB and I are considering, both happening this Saturday, 18 January. One is at Stoke Gabriel, near Totnes, and the other is at Saltram, near Plymouth (but be warned, it looks as though it may be sold out). We have never been to a wassail before but in this Devon A-Z year, as we get in touch with the food and drink that comes from the places around us, it seems appropriate that we should.

Please have a look at the cider blog for information on lots of upcoming wassails around the country, or you can try these blog posts at Orchard Origins (Herefordshire), Swan Barn Farm (Surrey) and the United States of Cider (for those on the other side of the pond).

Are there any near you?