Must try harder

Regular readers may have noticed that the running part of the Running Buffet blog hasn’t seen much activity over the last few weeks. The main reason for this is because I haven’t been doing any running. It’s hard to write about something that’s not happening. The buffet part, the food and drink part, has carried on unhindered, however my physical activity has tailed off dramatically since I hurt my ankle about a month ago.

At first this lack of activity was a natural reaction to the fact that my ankle was actually quite painful. Stubborn as I am, I strapped it up and carried on pretty much as normal: walking, wearing the same shoes (now resting uncomfortably on the swollen lump on the side of my ankle), heaving the clutch peddle of my car in and out. All of the things that I should probably have avoided, considering that they hurt a fair bit when I was doing them. However, I did stop running on it.

Over time pain gave way to discomfort. Discomfort gave way to a nagging worry about how my ankle would hold up. A nagging worry gave way to laziness and inactivity.

But no more. This is a line in the sand.

Since hurting it I have continued to swim, albeit sporadically. At first this too was painful, but my ankle has relaxed and I have noticed an improvement. I also managed about 45 minutes of a game of 5-a-side before retreating into goal for the last quarter of an hour. Since then, it has had another couple of weeks of recovery and I am returning to the football pitch this week. In celebration of that, I am making this week the week I start doing things again. I’m going to put the running back into Running Buffet (this is a necessary counterbalance to all of the buffet that I am putting into Running Buffet; I fear I may be beginning to resemble the Psammead).

This week I will play 5-a-side football, go swimming and go running. This week I will get back on track.

And there are a lot of things coming up that will benefit from this. I have been asked down to Plymouth to try a fitness session (more on that soon) and not only that, the 2014 5×50 Challenge starts on 30 March (if you are thinking of signing up for the challenge then you can find out more at their website). So this renewed focus on fitness will stand me in good stead for the next couple of months. I can write off February as a blip and get on with 2014.

Time to start trying harder.


2 thoughts on “Must try harder

  1. don’t beat yourself up. i had a bit of time off too & felt bad for it but you just gotta start doing any excercise you enjoy to remind yourself why you’re doing it. good luck!

    • Thanks, that’s good advice. You’re right; it felt good to be back playing football this week. The fact that I was breathing a bit harder than normal from the lack of exercise just reminded me of one of the benefits of getting out and running.

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