Up, up and away

On a rare work outing to Exeter last week, I got to enjoy both sides of this blog in one evening. First of all, we trooped down to the quay and went to Exeter Clip N Climb. If you haven’t been then I urge you to go, even if you think that you don’t like, or can’t climb.

Two-thirds of the site is taken up by a traditional climbing centre, with lots of walls to try and a small bouldering room. We weren’t heading for that part though; we were using the remaining third. The fun third. This section of the centre is made up of lots of different types of climbing wall: ones with ropes to hang off, ones with bits that spin round, ones you can race up, inflatable ones, light-up ones. The list goes on and on.

The pièce de résistance, however, is found in the middle of all of the climbing walls. A series of green columns form a circle and the aim is simple: to step from one to the other as they ascend in height, taking you from ground-level all the way up to the top of the room. There is absolutely no difference between the first step you take and the last one (they are the same distance apart horizontally and vertically) but one being two foot off the ground and the other being about thirty feet off the ground makes a huge difference.

The final thing I tried before our session was up was the ‘leap of faith’. To do this, you climb up a tower onto a small wooden platform. In front of you sits a trapeze bar and, again, the aim is simple: throw yourself from the platform into midair and catch the bar. Great fun!

It really is good fun and you don’t have to have any technical climbing ability to be able to take part or to enjoy it. No offence is meant to my colleagues when I say this, but I’m not sure that we have much in the way of technical climbing ability in our team and we all still enjoyed it.

From there we walked up into Exeter city centre and had dinner at Ruby’s Modern Diner. You will know from my recent post about Hubbox that I am partial to a nice burger and these did not disappoint. I opted, after much gnashing of teeth and scratching of head, for the ‘piggy’, a name that describes both the contents of the burger and the person eating it. Served in a brioche bun (from Emma’s bakery at the Real Food Store), this consists of a 6oz Devon ruby beef burger topped with pulled pork (Devon again) and a BBQ sauce (of unknown origin). It was far too much meat for one meal, but it was tasty and I was in need of a substantial dinner after the exertions of Clip N Climb.

Sadly I was too self-conscious to whip out my camera in front of my peers to take photos of the burger (and I was too busy hanging off of things at the Clip N Climb to get any there either) so you will have to rely on my words to paint a picture for you. Basically, imagine a bun with a ridiculous amount of meat shoved into it and you will be pretty much there. Or, and I would strongly encourage this, if you are close enough to Exeter then why not give Ruby’s or Clip N Climb (or both) a go for yourself?

And I will leave you with a brief mention of yesterday’s Parkrun at Killerton; my first time on the new route there. I think the route is definitely quicker now, it is just a shame that I am not. My Killerton PB was not troubled by yesterday’s efforts and I still linger, frustratingly, maddeningly, just the wrong side of the 50% mark for my age group. But on the plus side, it was a lovely sunny morning and I also got to meet another blogger (Shaz of Shazruns) in person for the first time.