A perfectly pleasant parkrun proposal

There’s a new tongue-twisting parkrun in town. And when I say “town” I mean the town just up the road. Which is great news for me; for a start I don’t need to get up quite so early on a Saturday morning now if I want to go to a parkrun.

And why is it a tortuously tongue twisting timed terror of a parkrun? It is because they have decided to launch this new parkrun at [drumroll please]… wait for it… Parke.

No, not a park. Just Parke. A place called Parke. Or, more accurately, Parke: the National Trust estate just outside Bovey Tracey on the edge of Dartmoor. So we can now all enjoy stuttering conversations about the Parke parkrun, where those not in the know will try to avoid asking about our curious speech impediment and will wonder just which parkrun we’re on about.

“Have you tried parkrun?”

“Oh yes, I bloody love parkrun I do”

“Where’s your local?”


(slowly) “Yes, in a park.” (chuckles) “That’s kinda the point. Which one?”


(adopting a gentler tone) “That’s right, it’s a park run. A parkrun. A run in a park. But which park?”

“Parke. The Parke parkrun.”

(backing away slowly) “It was very nice to meet you…”

Mrs RB and I will be there on Saturday for their first event and, were you of a mind to join us, please have a look at their website to find out more information. As well as being the inaugural Parke parkrun, this Saturday will also be Mrs RB’s first proper parkrun (her previous parkrun debut was non-barcoded and, therefore, not part of the official parkrun results system). A first parkrun for Mrs RB at Parke’s first parkrun.

And that just leaves me with time to mention the new addition to this site. Please have a look at the Upcoming Events page where you can find details of local eating, drinking, running and exercising events coming up in the next few months, including the inaugural Parke parkrun this Saturday. This is powered by Google Calendar, which means that if you use Google Calendar yourself you can save the events into your own calendar at the click of a button. Even if you don’t use Google Calendar, you will still be able to see all of the events, together with a map of the general area to help you track down the events you’re interested in.

If you think there is anything missing from the Upcoming Events page then please get in touch and let me know. I hope you find it useful.