Phil’s ‘Neverfail’ Bread Recipe – the basis for a whole variety of yeasty treats!

I’m sad to report that a couple of boats have sailed. A couple of horses have bolted. Despite doing my best to keep on top of the exciting calendar of foody events, I have managed to miss two recent food-related “weeks”. Real Bread Maker Week finished on 16th and was all about celebrating the wonderful world of real bread. It is a chance to focus on real bread and the great people that make it. And that could include you, as they are as keen on people getting their hands floury as they are on promoting good quality bakeries.

The other “week” that I missed was the excellently-titled National Doughnut Week. This is a tie-up between coffee shops, bakeries and The Children’s Trust (the UK’s leading charity for children with brain injuries) and it finished today, the 17th. Although your chance to grab a doughnut during National Doughnut Week has now passed, I’m sure that the text donation service will still be in operation. I found about this through Liz Oldershaw’s blog, which is also well worth a read, to understand more about living life with a brain injury.

So, whilst I have missed out on these “weeks” for 2014, there’s nothing stopping us from still making a donation to a worthy cause or rolling up our sleeves and baking a great-tasting loaf of bread. If you need any inspiration in the baking department then please read on for this excellent bread recipe from my brother’s baking blog.

Happy baking.