Bitesized: Clive’s houmous

If you call your company “Clive’s Pies” then it is perhaps reasonable for people to expect you to make pies. But Clive’s Pies make all sorts of things, including a lemon and coriander houmous. Fresh and a bit zingy and generally just like a nice houmous, I sat there enjoying this one afternoon, dipping carrot sticks into the pot before crunching down on a big lump of houmous-covered carrot. Very nice. There wasn’t much left by the time Mrs RB got home.

Clive’s are a “vegetarian organic bakery in South Devon, committed to producing healthy and delicious free-from foods”. They make gluten free cakes, dips, rolls, flapjacks and pasties. As well as pies of course.

Clive's houmous


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  1. Good idea with the bit-sized posts. These things can get out of hand sometimes! Is it a Twog or a Bleet? (Tweet+Blog) And no, I’m not a professional comedian! πŸ˜‰

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