Devon A-Z: Bitesized

It has been about 10 months since I started the Devon A-Z challenge and you have had to put up with me wittering on about this food and that drink and some food festival or other on a regular basis throughout that time. Well, I would like to take this opportunity to say it could have been so much worse!

You may argue (please do, you can add a comment below) but I have tried to corral my scattered and varied thoughts into semi-coherent posts. Tried lots of beer? Let’s put those all together into one post. Fudge? There’s loads of the stuff around, but I think it would read better if I saved it all up and posted it all in the same place. See how kind I have been to you, dear reader.

But I cannot keep up. I have been looking back through scribbled notes, half-formed ideas for posts and photo upon photo of food that we have tried on our travels around the county. There is no way that I can wrangle all of these parts into a sensible whole. Do I cast these experiences out into the bloggers’ wilderness, to be but fading memories? Do I admit defeat?

Of course I don’t!

And so Devon A-Z: Bitesized is born. Shorter than a normal blog post, longer than a tweet. These will be my short, sharp views in a nice bite sized, easily digested format. The first Bitesized blog will be posted in a few moments. I hope you enjoy them…


2 thoughts on “Devon A-Z: Bitesized

  1. Just a suggestion for H! Have you tried Hogs Bottom at Lifton? They do wonderful jams, chutneys, preserves and sauces. Been eating for years.

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