Bitesized: Big Bellys

Yes, we could be talking about me at this stage of the Devon A-Z year, but we are actually talking about a company from Bideford in North Devon who make tarts. Big Bellys seem to be a feature of the Devon food festival scene (I have spotted them at both Exeter Food Festival and the Dartington Food Fair) and Mrs RB and I got to try their tarts at the Exeter Food Festival. We arrived in the big marquee and were unable to get beyond this stall without buying and trying one. One each, of course.

I tried the Lundy crab tart, which had a nice, fresh crab taste in a light pastry casing. If crab is not your thing then, as you can see from the photo below, they have plenty of other flavours to choose from. I’m hoping that, if our paths keep crossing at food fairs, then I might eventually get through all of them.

Big Bellys