It was the bacon roll’s fault

The sweat stings my eyes, my breathing is getting a bit laboured, but I am sticking with the man in front. He stretches his legs as we descend a hill and I open my gait to try and match him. We take a fairly sharp left and I have to slow to keep my balance; luckily he does too, and I am still only a few feet behind him. We are now on a flat, straight stretch and I don’t have to pay quite so much attention. All I have to do is keep on his shoulder and match his pace and I will be on course for another decent parkrun time.

Just stick with the guy in front.

There’s not much further to go now: along the straight, round a corner, back across the bridge and then it’s the last uphill to the finish. And then, once I’ve finished, I’m going to treat myself. Last week was a PB and [quick check of the watch] even though this week is a little slower, I’m still going to be pretty pleased with my time. That means a trip to the cafe and a bacon roll. I’m going to need some water first, got to hydrate, so I’ll head back to the car, then it’s down to the cafe. Yep, those bacon rolls are good. They do good cakes as well, but I just can’t seem to get further than the bacon rolls. Maybe one day I’ll have a slice of cake instead. I mean, it’s not as if I go to the cafe after every parkrun, so a slice of cake at quarter to ten in the morning is probably not that bad. Right? Yeah, next time I treat myself I might have cake. But not today. Today’s a bacon roll day. Ooh, it’s going to be good. The bacon is just crispy enough and it’s a focaccia roll and they’re really tasty. Just a bit of ketchup as well. Okay so I’ve already had one breakfast today but the yoghurt and banana, well that was just running fuel; I don’t think it counts as a real breakfast. It is Saturday after all. I got up and I got here and I’m running and I’m doing pretty well. I’m keeping up with the man in front and…

Where the bloody hell did he go?

Nuts! Stop daydreaming about bacon rolls. Earn it instead. Left-right-left-right-left-right. Breathe. Swing those arms a bit more. Stretch those legs out. Catch him up. Run. Run!

The bacon roll

And that’s why I got a 25:07 rather than a sub-25 at my last parkrun outing. Oh well. I still got the bacon roll, and it was really good!

I don’t know about you, but I find myself thinking about all sorts of strange things when I go out running: places I’ve been, work (sadly), ideas for blog posts, imaginary conversations with people I know (they tend to go better than actual conversations a lot of the time). Quite often I end up thinking about food.

If you go out running, or swimming, or any other solitary activity, what fills your thoughts? Am I the only crazy one? Surely not…


5 thoughts on “It was the bacon roll’s fault

  1. See my mind wanders whatever I do and running is no different, but never to bacon rolls! You really have to concentrate on running to get a good time, no mind wandering or that PB just evaporates! Hope you get that PB soon

    • The bacon roll thing must just be me then!

      Sounds as though the new Exeter parkrun is worth a visit. Although I agree with you that having to go upstairs to get scanned is not a great idea. Hopefully I will get there in the not too distant future.

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