Bitesized: Chocolate orchard

Would you believe it? Chocolate really does grow on trees.* And so it is only natural, I guess, that there is a company called The Chocolate Orchard.

The Chocolate Orchard make chocolate down in South Devon and it is stocked in my local sweet shop: Moor Chocolate in Ashburton. There are only so many times you can walk past that shop before you eventually crack and go inside. And so it was that, once my willpower had evaporated, I found myself walking home from the town centre with a slab of The Chocolate Orchard’s dark chocolate in my possession.

Dark chocolate, drizzled with white chocolate and with almond flakes, sultanas and raisins mixed into the chocolate, this was very nice. Now I just have to resist going back for another one. I might just avoid the town centre for a while…

Chocolate orchard bar

* The cacao (or cocoa) tree is a small tree native to Central and South America and it is from this that we get cocoa beans, which are the seeds of the tree. And from cocoa beans comes chocolate. So, unlike money, chocolate does grow on trees.