Three letter acronyms

In the office where I work we love our TLA’s, our three letter acronyms. To be honest (TBH) I could probably structure an entire conversation out of them and still be perfectly understood, within the four walls of our office at least. And we’re not the only ones, life now seems to be full of them. Some new ones we can’t avoid (hang your head, LOL) and there are also the older, established ones, AKA those we all know and love.

Recently I have been thinking about two in particular.

A fortnight ago I was thinking about how little training I had done for my upcoming 10k. The hot weather had really affected how much running I had managed to do and, in all honesty, not a lot had been done. Combined with a particularly busy time at work, and a certain laziness on my part, my 10k training was hovering very much in the theoretical category. The closer I got towards the race, the more concerned I became. Would I actually be able to get around the course? Would I become a DNF?

A week ago, as my scratchy throat turned into a throaty cough and my thick head started to pound, I couldn’t quite picture how I was going to run anywhere, let alone for 10k up and down hills. Would I be able to drag my sorry self to the start line? Could I be a DNS?

And today, with the race looming tomorrow, I’m still not sure. I feel better than I did earlier in the week, but not 100% (if I’m honest, I’m not totally sure when I last felt 100%; I would settle for anything over 80% on most days). Barring car malfunctions, biblical plagues or a natural disaster striking the South West, I will be there at the start line. My bloody mindedness should see me round to the finish line. But how long it will take me, well that’s another matter altogether.

AAR I’m AAS but if I don’t get AFC soon and get some R&R then my race time will be a BDN, so I’ll say B4N. HTH.


(If, like me, you can’t tell your BBL from your BBQ, then you can decrypt that last sentence using You can also probably tell that I got bored before I finished reading all the B’s.)


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