Bitesized: Blueberry Brothers blueberry and chilli jam

You may remember me waxing lyrical recently about some blueberry and lime jam I had tried. Shortly after that post was added to the blog, the makers of that jam (the Blueberry Brothers) got in touch to let me know about a new jam. A blueberry and chilli jam.

Made in conjunction with Dartmoor Chilli Farm, this adds chilli flakes (from Devon-grown chillis) into the blueberry and lime jam. Made with just sugar, blueberries, lime juice and chilli flakes, this is a very similar jam to the blueberry and lime version but benefits from the added warmth of the chillis. The lime still takes the edge off of the blueberry sweetness and the chilli flakes don’t overpower, but gently warm.

As with the previous version, I really liked this jam. The jar I bought came from the recent Totnes Show and was, I think, from one of the first batches available. Fingers crossed, they make some more.

Chilli jam


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