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We are on the move. And, in one of those let’s-do-everything-at-the-same-time moments, I am moving both physically and virtually.

The eagle-eyed amongst you may have noticed that this website has moved. The URL up there at the top of your screen has recently changed. (That’s assuming you’re looking at this on a PC or laptop. I have no idea if you can see the URL address when you read my blog on a mobile; my phone still considers ‘snake’ the epitome of technological achievement for a mobile device. Surfing the internet would blow its mind.)

You can now find the Running Buffet blog at

If you have bookmarked the blog using the old WordPress address then no need to panic (what’s that, you weren’t?), as all of the old links should automatically redirect you to

So that’s the virtual move, what about the physical one?

Mrs Running Buffet and I have just bought our first house, not far away from where we are currently renting in Ashburton. We have the luxury of a few weeks overlap before our notice period expires on our rented flat so we are making the most of the opportunity and we are trying to redecorate at least a few rooms before we have to fill the house with all of our crap much-loved possessions. As a consequence of this new-found love of DIY, I shall be spending a fair amount of time over the next couple of weeks either at the new house or, equally as likely, in A&E. I am hoping to schedule a few blog posts for the next few weeks, so do please keep checking for new posts, but I apologise if I don’t get an opportunity to respond to any comments you leave for a few days. I’m not ignoring you I’m just, um, well, doing something else.

Wish us luck. I’m off now to re-read Our South West Home for tips.


4 thoughts on “Moving address

    • Thank you.

      It seems that scraping wallpaper is a never-ending task. I’m quite enjoying it and it’s keeping me fit though, my arms feel as though they have had a really good workout. (Either that or I am just a weakling!)

  1. Congratulations on buying your first home! You’ve picked a lovely town for it. For the record, snake still is one of the best mobile games. I could waste hours on that.

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