Running Buffet is away

If you follow me on twitter then you will know that my tweets over the last few weeks have been pretty boring and DIY-related. Having just bought a house we have been spending most spare moments trying to get it ready to move into. We failed, but we have moved in anyway, and we will be continuing with our great redecorating adventure whilst also living there. Which will be quite nice really; it will be good to view it as a home again and not just a great big DIY project that we’re playing about in.

I’m typing these words in the empty surroundings of our old flat, soon to be closed up for the final time and the keys handed back. The internet will soon be turned off as well, and we’re not due to be turned back on again at the new house for a little while (I would like to blame BT but we did leave it quite late before telling them). As has been mentioned on more than one occasion on this blog, my phone is nowhere near to having internet capability so this means we will be cast back into the dark ages, without a connection to the world wide web for a while.

Combining that with everything else that we have going on will probably mean that this blog may fall silent for a few weeks. But worry not, for I have not forsaken you. I’m just doing other stuff. Which is a completely different thing altogether.

And there will be lots to look forward to when I come back to the blog in a few weeks’ time: the end of the Devon A-Z foremost among them. Will I find an answer to my X and Z conundrum? Which products made it into my Devon day menu? What was my favourite find of the last year? All these questions (and more!) will be answered. I expect. Probably. Come back soon and find out!

Until then…