Bitesized: The Sugar Mill

It is fact readily acknowledged that I have spent a lot of time recently doing DIY. This has led to me spending an inordinate amount of time in DIY shops and today’s tale begins when I visited our local B&Q (other DIY stores are available and are, I am sure, just as successful at separating you from your money; I have yet to make it through a visit to one of these shops without coming out with far more than I had intended to buy when I went in). I had just placed my basket on the checkout counter when I was distracted by yet another enticing offer. This one was not a ratchet screwdriver, or even a paint chisel, nor a thing for scraping paint off of glass. This was a bag of good, old fashioned sweets.

There has been a big backlash against supermarkets and shops positioning sweets at checkouts and I am in favour of removing them from the point-of-sale; not least because I demonstrate the will of a five-year-old boy when presented with a wall of chocolate bars as I stand in a queue. On this occasion I do not object however, as these sweets are raising money for Children in Need. For a £1 donation you can purchase a bag of sweets, courtesy of a local sweet shop, The Sweet Mill.

We kept the sweets in the car and demolished them a few days later on a long car journey. I say we, but it turns out that Mrs Running Buffet does not really like good, old fashioned sweets, so I ate most of them myself. Driver’s perks I guess. Jelly sweets, dolly mixtures, chewy sweets and soft ones. A big sugar rush and something for the sweet of tooth.

Today is Children in Need’s appeal night so please remember to buy your bag of sweets, or bake a cake, dress up in a silly outfit, or whatever it is that can help to raise a bit of money for this good cause. You can find lots more information at the Children In Need pages.

Children in Need