The proof of the pudding

I try not to reblog too many of my previous posts if I can help it. But having delivered a post all about Christmas puddings in January of this year, I feel that it is important that I should try to right that wrong and let you have the opportunity to get better acquainted with two of Devon’s pudding providers at a time when you might actually be interested in buying a Christmas pudding. So, for your festive consideration, here is my post all about a couple of delicious steamed puddings. Enjoy…

Running Buffet

When I sat down to write a few ground rules for the Devon A-Z challenge, I decided to try to make sure that my blog posts were timely and seasonal. In the autumn, as the apples were gathered from the trees and the presses began the process of turning fruit into alcohol, I gave you a blog post about cider. In December I gave you a run down of some festive beers.

And in January, here is my post on Christmas puddings.

So not that timely then. In fact, January is possibly the worst possible time to be writing a post about Christmas puddings, a product that surely only features on shopping lists in November or December. But I will plough ahead in the face of widespread indifference from a post-Christmas readership because there are a couple of great Devon producers that I want to tell you about. If anyone…

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