Bitesized: World Peanut Butter Fudge Day

This has to be the best niche ‘day’ I have ever stumbled across. Today, Thursday 20 November, is Peanut Butter Fudge Day. Honestly, it is. It says so on the internet here, so it must be true. Quite why peanut butter fudge needs its own day is slightly lost on me, but I do know that it is being celebrated by Roly’s Fudge, who were the people to draw this occasion to my attention over on twitter, and they are offering a 10% discount on peanut butter fudge for the day.

Reading into this a little more, I discovered that it was initiated by something called the National Peanut Board over in America, where it seems that they do love their peanuts. According to the National Peanut Board, 94% of American households have at least one jar of peanut butter in their cupboards. And into each jar goes, on average, 540 peanuts. That is a lot of peanuts. No wonder that they have elected two peanut farmers into the White House: Thomas Jefferson and Jimmy Carter.

Having exhausted the ‘fun facts’ list on the National Peanut Board website, I turned my attention to other upcoming ‘days’. Did you know that today is also Use Less Stuff Day, Name Your PC Day and African Industrialisation Day? Yesterday was World Toilet Day and, on Saturday, it will be Go For a Ride Day. Which is surely as good an excuse as anyone needs to clamber on their bike and head out for a ride (all in preparation for next Wednesday’s Cake Day of course).

Mmm fudge