Target time

Resolution – a firm decision to do or not to do something.

Given the choice, I went for the easier option. I have resolved not to do something. This year, I will not make a new year’s resolution.

‘But is this not contradictory?’ I hear you cry.

Au contraire, This is not merely a new year’s resolution, this is one that will get me all the way through the year. I will avoid making a new year’s resolution for the whole year. The next twelve months will be new-year’s-resolution-free. That’s my resolution.

Welcome to 2015.

Running 3

Instead of a resolution I have decided to set myself a target. This is an arbitrary and slightly pointless act, but it is that time of year when thoughts turn to this kind of thing and, having resolved not to make a new year’s resolution, I needed something else to write about instead. I thought long and hard for several moments about what this target should be and, after not much careful consideration, I had an idea:

  • My most regular running distance at the moment is the 5k
  • This year is 2015
  • Could I run 5k in 20:15 in 2015?

Then I thought about this some more and decided that, no, I probably couldn’t.

Not to be defeated, I looked at this problem anew. What if I were to play around with the numbers a little? 15:20 – no. 10:25 – heading in the wrong direction. How about 21:50?

Can I run 5k in 21:50 in 2015?

My fastest parkrun 5k time at the moment stands at 24:27 and that was set at Parke, which is a bit hilly. If I was running on the flat then that time would automatically come down a bit. But would it come down enough?

And the honest answer is, I have no idea. This is an entirely unscientific idea that I have dreamed up on the spur of the moment. And it may be completely and utterly beyond me. But where is the harm in having a go? I will carry out a few, equally as unscientific, experiments to see if this might be achievable and we shall see where that leads us.

It might lead to 21:50, it might not. It will test my resolve, if not my resolution.

Now is the time for a target and 21:50 is now a target time.


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