A further 5 a day

If my last blog post has left you still wondering about the correct number of cherries to be eating today, then worry not as I shall present, instead, an alternative ‘5 a day’ for your consideration. And this one does not involve a single satsuma, not one nectarine and zero, er, zucchini?

Instead it involves a challenge. For 50 days you will need to run, walk or cycle 5km every day (or ‘5 a day’, you see). Or, if you would prefer, you just need to complete 30 minutes of an alternative activity, such as swimming. And, this year, to encourage participation the organisers are presenting a range of other options to help those who would like to get involved:

  • Option A – Individual/Team/School completes 5km by walking, jogging, cycling, running rowing etc for 50 days
  • Option B – Individual/Team/School completes minimum 30 minutes activity by any of the above plus weight training, yoga, exercise class etc for 50 days
  • Option C – You and another split the Challenge to cover 5km each day for 25 days thus covering 50 days of activity between two individuals
  • Option D – Groups of 5 cover 1 km per day for 50 days by walking, jogging, running, rowing swimming etc
  • Option E – Individual builds from 5 minutes to 50 minutes of activity over the 50 days of the Challenge

Having participated in all three of the 5×50 challenges so far (and completed two of them; we don’t talk about 2013, it only makes me sad), I am not certain that I will be able to take part this year. Mrs Running Buffet and I have entered several races in 2015 and these are the sort of races that I need to train for. Taking part will all depend on whether I can work the 5×50 format around the training plans; I hope I can.

You can find out more about the challenge at the 5×50 website, including which charities will benefit from your entry fee and fundraising.

If you are just finishing Janathon and are wondering where your next challenge might come from, then why not give the 2015 5×50 a go? It all begins on Sunday 29th March…