The takeaway run

I mentioned in my last post that Mrs Running Buffet and I have entered ourselves into a few races this year. The first of these arrives in March and neatly encapsulates in one event the whole ethos of this blog. Can you eat good food and stay healthy at the same time? Is it possible to combine food and exercise?

The answer, my friends, is that it most certainly is. And I do mean combine. As in, you can do both at the same time.

On March 7th, we shall be lining up at the start of the 10 mile Delicious Dart Trail (there is also a 15 mile option). The route will take us along the River Dart to Dartmouth: up hill, down hill and then, more than likely, back up hill again. So that is the ‘Dart’ part covered, but why is it so delicious?

The route will also take us past a regular series of food and drink stops. But not for us a cup of water and a running gel; these stops will feature the best of the local food and drink industry. We will be sampling scones, chomping on cheeses, knocking back beers and trying the tasty treats on offer. In the words of the organisers, “the Delicious Dart Trail is a trail running event with a difference”.

We will, of course, not be aiming for a particularly fast time. Instead, this is all about enjoying ourselves, challenging ourselves and raising a bit of money for charity. And it will be a challenge; this is the furthest that either of us will have run, which explains why we have had to commit to a training plan to introduce our legs to a longer distance. So far so good but, in all senses, there is still a long way to go.

Our training currently involves a route that I am tempted to christen ‘the takeaway run’. Running through Ashburton you take a left at a Chinese takeaway. A right turn at a pub leads you back towards the town centre, passing the fish and chip shop as you go. On past another pub and up a slight hill towards the Indian takeaway. Once past that you are heading out of town, but it is only a matter of time before you have to turn round; if you’re lucky then you might make it to the pub/hotel/motel at the edge of town. Then it is back into town for the curry-crisps-fish-and-chips-beer-stir-fry smells to assault you once more. We always seem to be hungry when we start this run and ravenous by the time we have finished it.

If we were really dedicated to our training, we should probably stop and grab something to eat at each eatery we pass. Perhaps I should suggest that. There are several more pubs in town and, once our runs get even longer, I think we could even reach the Indian on the edge of Buckfastleigh. Now there’s something to aim for!


3 thoughts on “The takeaway run

  1. Sounds like fun.
    I’m running a 5K on Sunday, with 10 breweries at the after party! They have a 5K and 5 mile race. I figured if I do the 5K I’ll beat the 5 milers to the bar and a lot of the 5K runners also.
    Definitely a public transportation day!
    Cheers – Andy

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