The pancake plan

You may have noticed that things have been a little quiet on the Running Buffet Blog for the last few weeks. But I have not been idle. Well, not too idle, at any rate.

Our new-house DIY continues apace (I will not, however, be drawn on exactly what pace that might be; and, a question: how long can you continue to call a house a new house before you have to admit that it is not that new anymore and it is just taking you quite a long time to redecorate?). Alongside that, our race training continues ever-onwards; it is only two weeks now until the race itself.

But the main reason for not putting fingers to keyboard has been that I have had too many things to write about. Hardly the blogger’s natural enemy, surely, too much to write about?

The trouble is that I have set out to find out more about my food. To that end, I have read a couple of books, trawled the internet, watched documentaries and had long conversations with Mrs Running Buffet. If anything, I am more confused now than when I started. Talking to Mrs RB can have that effect on you.

There are just too many things to think about. You find yourself trying to weigh up the pros and cons of a multitude of different options, whilst trying to reconcile half a dozen contradictory, yet definitive, articles about a subject and, simultaneously, trying to consider the effect of your decisions on a whole range of different people, animals or inanimate objects. It’s all too much.

That seems simpler.

Let’s deal with one thing at a time. Starting with what is right for me, as an individual. If I can get that one right then I can add another pancake to the pile and start to build up to the big picture, the top of the stack.

Okay… back to the research.


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