Fancy that!

Our first race of 2015 is fast approaching and, whilst my last post saw me worrying about hydration, keeping well watered is not my biggest concern in the run-up to Saturday’s event. The Delicious Dart Trail sees us wind our way across 10 miles of Devon countryside this weekend. In fancy dress.

And that is my problem.

Not the costumes themselves, those have arrived and have been checked to make sure they fit. Our problem is more one of training. Do we dare try and complete our final training run in costume?

‘Why would you?’ you may ask. Good question. But there may be trouble with drag (of the wind-resistance variety, although I cannot completely rule out any cross-dressing); or the costume impeding our (otherwise amazingly fluid and elegant) running style; or it may be heavier and therefore more energy-sapping than expected. Would it not be better to know this in advance?

‘Why wouldn’t you?’ you may also enquire. Well… Whilst it is perfectly acceptable to run around the lanes and trails of Devon dressed like an idiot when you are surrounded by hundreds of other like-minded idiots runners, is it quite so socially sound to run through your home town in full costume? Might you, perhaps, look a little silly?

This is a tricky dilemma and one that, right now, I am not sure of the solution to. All I do know is that, come Saturday morning, we will be standing proudly at the start line, dressed to impress (there’s a prize for best fancy dress after all) and ready to run. Until then, all I am prepared to share with you is a sneak preview of what we will be wearing. Full photos may follow afterwards, if I dare.

Fancy dress

And if you would like a taste of the Delicious Dart experience (a very apt phrase, I’m sure you will agree), then you can find a write-up of last year’s race over at The Quiet Hailer.

See you on the other side…


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  1. Thanks for the mention 🙂 I have a lot more work to do on the costume front before Saturday… It’s always an issue trialing your costume before an event- I’ve never quite had the guts to do it! Here’s hoping it goes smoothly 😀

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