Bitesized: Jackie Brown

Last year, awash with things to write about and, if I’m honest, not enough hours in the day with which to write about them, I started a series of smaller blog posts. Minor morsels of my writing. Small segments of stuff. And now seems like the right moment to dust down those little bites of blogging.

Bitesized is back.

After my slightly worrying realisation about how much alcohol I had consumed on a night out, I was looking at beer in a slightly new light. I haven’t turned my back on the brews, but if I am going to knowingly step away from what I believe is probably the Right Thing to do, at least health-wise, then I am absolutely going to make sure that the beers are worthwhile. There’s no room for slacking in my glass. Bad beers need not apply.

And this one is definitely not bad. Not bad at all.

It has malt flavours, and roasted flavours and it has a nice bitterness lurking behind it all. Not loads, not too much, but that roasted bitterness is there, just waiting to pounce. Brown and big-headed, it is outwardly a little boring-looking, a little dull; I can vouch that it certainly is not that. It is Mikkeller’s Jackie Brown and I enjoyed it.

Jackie Brown and friends

Jackie Brown and friends