It’s decision time…

There hasn’t been a General Election since I began this blog. No opportunities to shout my political views from the rooftops. No reason to write a tub-thumping, barnstorming piece about my chosen cause. Until now, that is.

Today the country decides.

Except, really, it doesn’t. The country is an abstract, barely held-together concept. It is not the country that makes a choice. Today, lots of individuals vote. Individuals who are confused. Individuals who are certain in their choices. Individuals who are fervent believers. Individuals who don’t know their Cleggs from their cloggs, their Camerons from their Cameroons, or their Milibands from their Glenn Miller Bands.

The important thing, whether you are filled with certainty or confusion or just a vague sense of hope, the important thing is to be one of those individuals. Whatever your political leaning, or whether you are swinging wildly in the turbulent political breeze, get your voting card out today. Today is the day to cast your vote.

See you on the other side.